Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Girls Weekend 2010!

This past weekend, seven of my best friends came down to St. Simons for our annual Girls Weekend! I can't believe it has already come and gone, it just seems like yesterday that we were planning which weekend to come down! I am so glad that we are already planning our next get together at the King's Farmhouse! 

Jill and Kim were the first to arrive last Thursday afternoon. We had some down time before dinner, so we sat around and caught up with one another for a while - oh, and I iced Kim! Jill has the picture for proof. Around 8 pm we headed to Crabdaddy's for dinner - we were by far the youngest people there. About mid way through our dinner we were all full because we had stuffed ourselves at the house with Chex Mix! We went back to the house and watched Project Runway, waiting on the girls from Atlanta to arrive. At approximately 12:45 AM, the girls finally got to the house! Even though it was late, we were all glad to finally be together.

Friday morning was nice and relaxing. We enjoyed our breakfast and coffee, sitting around the table just catching up, and then moving into the den to watch Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss! Around 12 PM we all changed clothes and headed to Red Fern Village to get lunch at Gnat's Landing, get manicures and pedicures, and browse in the cute shops. We then headed back to the house to get ready to go to dinner at Coastal Kitchen, and then out to Ziggy's! Here are a couple of pictures from the night:

Saturday morning we all woke up feeling a little "tired," so we all decided to go on a walk since it was so beautiful outside! (Kim decided it would be better to nap instead). We walked at least 4 miles, all the way from our house down Frederica past Sea Palms and back! When we got back we had a combination of appetizers and snacks for lunch. Afterwards, we carved pumpkins! Every year I am so impressed with everyones skills - they always turn out so good! After pumpkin carving we decided to go to the beach. It was too cold to be in our bathing suits, but how can you come to St. Simons without going to the beach?! We took some towels and the game Catch Phrase and had a great time!

Here are the pumpkins lit with candles that night:

For dinner on Saturday night we headed to Fancy Q! I am glad everyone enjoyed it as much as Johnathan and I do - its one of our favorite places! After dinner we decided to head back to Ziggy's since we had such a great time the night before:

We had such a great weekend - I can't wait for our Christmas exchange at the King's Farm and then planning for our next girls trip!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lately ...

This blog post doesn't have a specific purpose, other than to share with all of you what has been going on in our lives recently! 

The weather down here has been absolutely gorgeous recently! The fall weather has been welcomed with open arms, especially since the humidity is gone! Needless to say it has been hard being stuck in an office all day wishing you could be outside. On Friday after work, Johnathan called me and asked if I wanted to meet him at the marina to take the boat for a spin ... twist my arm ... I of course jumped at the opportunity! We grabbed our fishing polls, threw on our bathing suits and headed towards the water. Here is a picture of me catching my first fish! 
After fishing for a few hours, we headed home to get ready for our weekend guests! My cousins Matt, Mayer, and her husband Beau came to visit us! Friday night we took them to Fancy Q for dinner then headed to Ziggy's! This is so sad, but these are the only pictures I have from the weekend (you know you are having a good time when you get the prop hats out!)
Saturday was spent recovering from a fun filled night by eating - A LOT! We went downtown to get breakfast at Sandcastle - seriously so good - an all you can eat buffet filled with biscuits, hash browns, bacon ... mmm.  After breakfast, Johnathan and I took everyone on a tour of the island. Afterwards, we went and got on the boat for a short boat ride and rode over to Coastal Kitchen for lunch. After lunch, we went home and rested for a bit, then went to CJ's downtown to get pizza! We then walked to a local bar to watch the rest of the UGA game.
Mayer, Beau and Matt had to leave Sunday morning to get back to Atlanta, but we had the best time seeing them! The weather was beautiful again on Sunday, so Johnathan, Brendan and I went back on the boat to piddle around and tried to catch some fish. We went down a little river that goes through the Ocean Forest Golf Course at the Lodge.  Johnathan and Brendan fished while I tried to get some sun!

Tuesday night we went took our nephews, Jack and TG, with Jay and Laura to the Brunswick Fair! Johnathan has been the past few years with the boys, so I was excited to go! The boys had such a fun time riding all of the rides. Here are a few pictures from the night - 

Here is a view from the top of the ferris wheel - everything looked so pretty from up here!

Johnathan trying to hold the boys after he had just ridden the craziest ride at the fair (hence the crazy hair!) 

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