Tuesday, February 28, 2012

30th Birthday Surprise!

Hi friends! I am sorry I am late to get this post up, but I wanted to share with you pictures from Johnathan's 30th Birthday Weekend! He had no idea that I had been planning a surprise party for him for about 2 months, so I was really excited when everything came together and he was completely surprised! His actual birthday is February 17th, and I had convinced him that I was taking him out of town for the weekend, so since we'd be gone, we needed to get together with his immediate family Friday evening to celebrate with them. Little did he know that there would be about 50 more people there to celebrate with us!

 This is what surprised looks like!

 Friends and Family + Barberitos + Live Music = Good Times!

 Our good friends Tim Miller and Ben Jones came to play music, and of course Johnathan got a chance to play some Johnny Cash!

Mmm, cookies and cream DQ ice cream cake is always a big hit!

 Lauren got a hold of my camera ...

On Saturday the girls went shopping all afternoon while the boys recovered and played ping pong at Brendan's house! We went to dinner at The Red Barn, where Kevin sang with our waiter, and then we went to Ziggy's! Always a good time!

On Sunday most of our friends had to leave and go home, but Kevin was able to stay until Monday. Sunday was honestly one of the prettiest days we have ever had on the island ... 75 degrees, sunny, and no humidity! We picked up some sandwiches and rode bikes to the north end of the island. The pictures below somewhat capture how pretty it was! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Feature Story

A few months ago I decided to start a second blog, The Turquoise Nest, to feature all of my furniture projects and house updates. I am excited to share that one of my furniture projects has become a feature story! Kathleen over at Between Blue and Yellow has a series which she calls Before and After Fridays, so today she featured my updated dresser! Click this link to see the story on her blog, or click here to see the full before and after story at The Turquoise Nest!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Surprise Weekend

This past weekend I surprised Johnathan with an early birthday present by taking him to Athens! I had told him not to make any plans for the weekend but to be sure to pack a bag because we were going out of town. When we got in the car Friday afternoon, I couldn't keep the surprise any longer and ended up telling him where we were going because I was so excited! 

Friday night we went to the Georgia Theater to hear the band Yacht Rock,  a 70s and 80s cover band. We had heard them another time in Atlanta, so I knew it was going to be a blast!

 On Saturday morning, we went to Last Resort, one of the best restaurants in Athens! They have such a good menu, and our meals were amazing! After lunch we walked around downtown, headed to the Arch, and walked around North Campus. It was such a pretty day, and so nice to be back in our college town!

 Saturday afternoon we headed to Atlanta to surprise one of our dear friends, Ryals, for his 30th birthday! He knew we were coming to go to dinner with him, but little did he know that all of his other friends and family would be waiting on him at the restaurant! Lauren did such a good job surprising him. I think my favorite part of the evening was his DQ ice cream cake, which spelled his name "Ryalas" - hmm, oh well - it tasted good regardless!

We had such a good weekend getting away together and spending time with friends. Check back in a few weeks for more 30th birthday celebrations to come! 
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