Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Highlands, NC

Last weekend we traveled to Highlands, NC for a vacation with my family! I was so excited to get away for a few days, and now looking back, I wish we had stayed longer! We could not have asked for better weather to welcome Fall - the temperature was between 55-70 each day and the sun was out the whole time! 

The house where we stayed is an old mill house converted to a residence and rental property. It was absolutely amazing, set right next to a river and waterfall. 

On Friday morning, I went with all of the boys on a hike to Glen Falls. Here is the first opening we came to - hello beautiful mountains!
 On the "hike" (these leisure pictures do not depict the 3 mile round trip we did to get to the falls!)
 From the top ...
and then from the bottom! 

On Friday evening, we went to dinner at "On the Veranda." We sat on the porch overlooking a beautiful lake. After dinner, we went to Kilwin's to get ice cream. I love that place. I had dreams of their ice cream from out last trip and I could not wait to get back! (Don't judge, I have a sweet tooth!) 

On Saturday morning, I headed downtown with my Mom and Grandmother to hit the shops! Here are some pictures from Dutchmann's and The Nest - I loved their decorations for Fall, and of course I had to snap some pictures to get ideas for painting furniture!

 Here are some pics of a super cute garden shop called Oakleaf. I love the rustic outdoor look to this shop. We all picked up some bittersweet to decorate our homes for fall!

 On Saturday evening, we went to dinner at Wild Thyme. Its a quaint little restaurant downtown, but they had an amazing selection of wine (see all of the bottles in the background?) The food that night was amazing. Everyone cleaned their plates! 
Even though we were full, we made room for Kilwin's ice cream again. I got Macinac Island Fudge mixed with Fresh Strawberry ... mmm ... heaven in a cup! 

On Sunday morning, we got up early and went for a canoe ride on the lake by our house. 
 I think this picture gives a good explanation of why the lake is called Mirror Lake! I loved seeing some of the leaves already changing colors. 

 A few family pics before we leave! There's Johnathan ...
Oh wait, it's Mom ...

 Oh, and I couldn't forget the local wildlife! All of these little guys were around our house. Good thing I didn't get a picture of the snakes we saw on our hike to the waterfall! 

We had the best trip and I cannot wait to go back next year!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lately ...

Hi Friends! I apologize since it has been so long since my last post. We have been very busy the past few weeks, so here are a few pictures to show what's been going on!

A few days before Labor Day, Johnathan and I took our nephews to the Neptune Park Pool by the Lighthouse to celebrate Jack's 5th Birthday! 
Here are the cute boys! So happy! 
 Eating chicken nuggets .. and Jack was being very nice to share his new birthday present with his little brother!
 These are my favorite pictures ~ T.G. put these sunglasses on upside down and could not stop laughing! Too cute!
Last Friday, Johnathan and I took the john boat to the south end of sea island since the weather has been so nice! We were able to get a lot of good pictures -
 Beautiful picture of the Cloister with the moon in the background ...
 Sun setting as we are going back to the dock 

This past weekend we traveled to Atlanta to celebrate the wedding of Brenae and Tyler! It was a perfect day for their wedding - the weather was amazing, and the ceremony and reception were beautiful! Brenae looked amazing and they could not be a happier couple!
 Me with my dear friend Meghan - we had such a good time catching up!

On Sunday afternoon we went to my sister's tennis match. She did such a good job and she and her partner won in three sets! Way to go Lauren! 

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