Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not Your Typical Tuesday Afternoon

This past Monday on Labor Day, Johnathan and I decided to work some on the house. One of our main projects was to get a new ceiling fan installed in the den. Well ... three hours into the installation and no luck, we were frustrated it was not completed! To make matters worse, the fan had a defect, so we had to take it back! We were disappointed that we had spent our holiday working instead of relaxing. To make up for Monday, we decided to go out on the boat Tuesday after work!

I met Johnathan at the house at 4:30, we packed up our things and headed to the marina!

We went around St. Simons (ocean side past the lighthouse) and the water was so rough! If Johnathan thinks its rough water, then it is pretty bad. But it was all worth it to get over to the beach on Little St. Simons. 

The sign says "Private Property No Trespassing" - Oops!

A little friend I met next to my chair - he wasn't scared at all!
(Lauren, this makes me think of you - "little pinch!")

The anchor didn't hold the first time, so Johnathan had to swim out and get the boat!

What a perfect day! Who would have thought you could do this on a work day?! Anyone that would like to come visit ... or move down here ... let us know!

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