Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Decorating {Part 1}

Can you all believe that Christmas is only 40 days away? It seems to have come up out of no where! As I was flipping through some of my favorite catalogs and browsing on websites, I saw the cutest decorations done with pine cones! I loved the way it looked so simple and clean, but I couldn't believe how much these places were charging for something I can find in my own back yard! So, with that being said, I started my own DIY project. I made a trip to Michael's to get some silver and gold spray paint, and then my lovely husband was kind enough to get some great pine cones for me when he was hunting in Blackshear! I decided to do a combination of pine cones and magnolia cones since both are from our yard.

Silver and Gold Spray Paint (aka, my new best friend for DIY projects!)
Beautiful pine cones from Blackshear

Just  simple, subtle touches around the house! Check back as I attempt to make a garland for our fireplace mantle! 

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