Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To Grandmother's House We Go ...

This past weekend I went to visit my grandmother - or most of you know her by PoppieT! I had not been to visit her since before the wedding last summer, so it was definitely time for a visit! My mom and I drove over Saturday morning and we made our way to a little coffee shop to get some lunch. It was a neat little place that made their own coffee, and the owner collected antique coffee canisters and grinders! You know I love anything antique!

After lunch, we made our way over to one of Mom and PoppieT's friends homes that decorates and restores furniture to be shabby chic. She has this adorable little house in her back yard that has been used for tea parties, weddings, and photography shoots!

How beautiful is the inside? I love how light and clean everything looks!
I love the crystal chandelier. The shelves in the background were made from doors and posts off of old homes.

Inside Delaine's home was just as beautiful as her little house out back! I loved hearing all of the stories she told about each piece - everything had a background and was refurbished by she and her husband.

I love all of the candlesticks painted white on the mantle! 
Such a pretty chandelier, and I love the painted ceiling for a pop of color!

The rest of the afternoon was spent in antique shops, visiting relatives, and enjoying a nice dinner! Mom and I had such a good time at PoppieT's house playing with her dog, Tucker, and reminiscing through family heirlooms and photographs. Such great memories!

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  1. This lime green ceiling idea is toooo cute!! Question, what program do you use to group some of your photos together? Your blog is great- can't wait to check out the Turquoise Nest- best of luck with it!!


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