Monday, November 7, 2011

GA/FL Weekend - continued!

Friday evening of the Georgia-Florida weekend, we took Lauren and Mark to one of our favorite restaurants on the island - Sal's pizza! It is a little dive that only has 11 tables, which normally means they are really busy, but it is worth the wait! We stuffed ourselves with garlic bread, margarita and supreme pizza, and then to finish the meal, an amazing piece of cheesecake with fresh blueberry topping! All I can say is it was goodness in my belly! 

 Saturday morning we left to head to Jacksonville around 9 am. Last year when we went to the game we found this great tailgating spot, and thankfully we found it again this year! Its within walking distance of the stadium and has a nice grass lot to set up the tent and chairs. Other than it being unusually cold for most of the day (hence me being wrapped in a blanket in the picture below) the tailgate was a lot of fun! Our friends Dustin and Stacy joined us at the game, and we had a great time!
 Here's a pic towards the end of the game. Even though we were leading, it wasn't by much, but clearly the Florida fans had given up - look at the difference in the fans still in the stadium!
 Woo hoo! Georgia wins 24-20. Now onto the Auburn game this weekend, and then hopefully the SEC Championship! 


  1. Funny. "Clearly the Florida fans had given up..."

    Uh...that little thing on the scoreboard called a clock? When it runs down to zero in the 4th quarter, the game stops. Teams leave the sideline and gather together on the field - as is shown in the image you posted. Many fans leave the stadium to head home (or in this case, to The Landing).

    I guess if UGA had won more than 5 of the last 23 meetings between us, ya'll would be more familiar with the end-of-game scenery, and thus, you might not have posted "Clearly the Florida fans had given up" next to a picture where the game is actually over.


    1. To the sad, disgruntled Florida fan who wrote this - get a life. This picture was posted two years ago!


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