Monday, January 23, 2012

Lauren and Ryals Engagement Party

This past weekend we traveled to Rome, Georgia to celebrate Lauren and Ryals with an Engagement Party! It was so great to see all of our friends, and it is hard to believe their big day is less than 4 months away! 

Let me apologize in advance for the poor quality of pictures - I took all of the pictures with my iPhone so I didn't have to carry my bulky camera around with me all night! 

This picture below cracks me up - not only because if you look in the background you'll see a slideshow of pictures, which just happens to be on a picture of all of us basically doing the same pose! (Sorority squat!) 

Ryals, Johnathan, Kevin and Tanner - all looking very handsome!

Old roommate shot!

After the party we all headed downtown to Mellow Mushroom to get a bite to eat. Well, they weren't serving pizza that late, so we ordered Papa John's instead! It did not take long for these pizzas to be devoured ... 

Such a fun weekend! We can't wait for the next party!


  1. I think renee has a permanent "drinking" face : )

  2. I don't know how I always miss the sorority squat picture! :( But you gals look lovely! Loved being with you all for the night, and can't wait until the wedding weekend!

  3. if someone sees me making this face again...SLAP ME! Gahhh- It's like after 2 glasses of wine or more I forget how to smile!

  4. looks like tons of fun- oh, papa johns always saves the day, or night, always!!!

  5. I enjoyed these photos from Lauren and Ryals engagement party. It looks super adorable. We also got engaged in the last week and had hosted a fabulous family party at one of our favorite garden themed San Francisco venues. Everyone had great time in our party.


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