Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The renovations begin ...

As you all know, Johnathan and my wedding is just over three months away, and in the mix of wedding planning, I am also moving to St. Simons! It is an exciting time, and we are both ready to be in the same town - finally after two years!

Any time recently that I have been down on the island, Johnathan and I have been taking small steps to update the house. Of course my inspiration for all of my home improvements is now coming from the Young House Love blog. I am all about light colors, a clean look, and de-cluttering! 

We decided to take "before" pictures so we can see the changes along the way!  Here is the picture of the shelves in the den before:

 And here are the shelves after we cleared the clutter and added a touch of color with vases and pottery from Marshall's:

This past weekend we went to the local Ace Hardware to pick up a few things, and I saw their wall of paint colors. I pointed one out to Johnathan that I liked for the kitchen, and he suggested that we get a sample to try out. The color we got is called Veronica. Well,  one thing led to another, and we ended up getting a gallon of paint, went home, and painted the entire kitchen!

Here is the kitchen before:

Here is the kitchen after:

I will continue to post updates on our improvements - let me know your feedback or any suggestions you have!

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