Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Shower!

Last month on April 25th I had my first wedding shower! It was thrown by some of my Mom's dear friends - Terry Morgan, Patti Staten, Jeanie Duvall and Marilyn Lunsford. They all worked so hard to make the shower very special! The shower was from 3-5 pm on Sunday afternoon, and I basically opened gifts the entire time! All of the women that came were so sweet and the gifts they gave are amazing! I got some great things off of my registry, but the things I received that I hadn't registered for are wonderful too! One of my favorites is a plaque that has the letter "R" engraved, with Roberts across the bottom, and it says "Est. July 10th, 2010" - how unique is that!

Here are a couple of pictures from the event!

My cousin, Mayer, me, and my aunt, Cindy

My sister, me and my Mom

Johnathan's Mom (Ms. Dottie), my Grandmother (PoppieT), Lauren, my Mom, Mrs. Duvall, me, Mrs. Staten, Mrs. Lunsford, and Mrs. Morgan

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