Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bedroom Pillows

Last year when we were in Cabo San Lucas for Thanksgiving, my sister, Mom and I found the most beautiful, authentic fabric in one of the local stores! The fabric is really unique - it has animal prints and comes in multiple colors. All of the colors were beautiful, but Lauren and I decided to get a white/ivory print since at that time I didn't know what colors I would be using in our house. I am really glad that I did because we are mainly using blues and whites in our bedroom! I have had the fabric for almost a year now, but my mom surprised me for my birthday and had them made into euro size pillows!

Close up view - can you see the print on the fabric?
Now I need to add something on the wall above the bed - any ideas? 


  1. Meredith!
    They're just lovely! The euro size really shows off the beautiful embroidery. They look great in your room!

  2. They are so pretty! What a wonderful birthday present!!

  3. I remember when you got this fabric! The pillows look great! LOVE the Euro size :)

  4. Looking at your pillows all neatly placed and fluffed makes me want to take a running leap onto your bed and snuggle in all the comfy coziness. Pretty please? ;-)


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