Monday, March 5, 2012

March {Photo a Day} Challenge: Days 1-4

Day 1: Self-Portrait
Gotta love taking a picture of yourself, right?! This is me before leaving work in the morning. I tried the whole reverse camera on my iPhone feature to take a picture, but they were all very unfortunate! 

Day 2: Fruit
This is a kumquat tree that grows next to our house! I always forget about them, but I need to look up some recipes and put them to use. By the way, how pretty are the azaleas?! Already in bloom! 

Day 3: In Your Bag
First I had to show you "my bag" - yes, it is very large, and yes, it is full, but I love having everything with me at all times! 

... hence the following picture. Listed below are all of my items "in my bag"
1. My Tory Burch sunglasses (wonderful birthday/Christmas present from my sister!)
2. My makeup bag (loaded with way too much stuff that I rarely use)
3. Car Keys
4. A pair of socks (hmm, random! I had planned on going to the gym on Saturday after running errands and forgot they were in there ... guess they got lost in the depths of my monster bag)
5. My Kindle Fire - my newest addition to my accessories! So far I love this thing!
6. My Kate Spade wallet (props to my mom and dad on this Christmas present!)
7. A screw driver (hmm, another hard one to explain. I wish I could say this was from all of my DIY projects I have been doing lately, but its just from a friend returning it to me!)
8. Eclipse Gum
9. Multiple Pens (they get lost frequently)
10. My handy dandy purse hook 
11. Medicine (pepto, nasal spray) hand sanitizer, and lip gloss
12. Hair Brush (I love this brush, there is a mirror on the back!)
**not pictured, my iPhone! 

Day 4: Bedside
A split image of Johnathan and my night stands. We both are trying to be better about reading at night instead of watching TV, so we have a lot of books beside us!

Here is a reminder of the photos for next week's challenge!
5. Makes you smile
6. 5 p.m.
7. What you wore
8. Window
9. Blue
10. Shoes
11. From a distance

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