Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun Times in St. Simons!

As many of you know, I was down in St. Simons from May 20th until June 1st for multiple events - John and Ashlea's Wedding, the Blackshear Baptist Church shower, Brad and Kate's Wedding, and a Blackshear Cookout Party! We had the best time at all of the events, and in between each event we tried to work on the house, spend time with family and friends!

The first event was John and Ashlea's wedding. It was a beautiful event at the Cloister on Sea Island, and I know all of the groomsmen loved being together for the weekend since they all don't get to see each other at the same time very often. Here are a couple of pictures from the event: 

Here are all of the boys at the pool

Lauren and me on the way to the Rehearsal Dinner

Johnathan and me at the Rehearsal Dinner

One of the groomsmen, Kevin, kept us entertained all night!

And here are some pictures from the Ceremony and Reception:



Lauren trying to catch the bouquet - she was robbed!

The Sunday following John and Ashlea's wedding, I went to Blackshear for the First Baptist Church Shower. I was a little nervous at first, but it ended up being a really nice event! All of the women at the church rallied together and threw a beautiful party, and I got some really nice gifts!

The next week was filled with cleaning, house updates, celebrating Jay's 34th birthday at the cabin, and some much needed relaxation. Johnathan and I tried to go out in the boat on Friday to go to Cumberland Island, but the battery was dead! Instead, we drove over to Jekyll Island and relaxed on the beach all day. It was so nice! That evening Brendan's new girl, Ashley, came into town and we all went out to eat at the Red Barn. We met Brad, Kate and the entire wedding party out at Knat's Landing for a drink, then went home to get some rest before the big wedding the next day! 

Brad and Kate's ceremony was at Christ Church on the island, and it was beautiful! The inside of the church was dark wood, and very quaint with few flowers. The bridesmaids wore champagne colored dresses from J Crew, hot pink slingbacks by Kate Spade, and carried a full bouquet of hot pink peonies. Kate's dress was a beautiful strapless gown with layers of chiffon, and she carried a full bouquet of white peonies. 

The reception was absolutely amazing. It was at Kate's parents house on SSI located on the river, and they had a huge tent set up in the backyard. The food was great, full bar, and the band was the Grapevine (can't wait til they play at our wedding!). The most amazing part was that the bridal party came to the reception on a sailboat! Here are the pictures from the event. 

Brendan and Ashlea
Five tiered cake layered with hydrangeas - gorgeous!

 On Sunday evening we invited Brendan and Ashlea, along with Bretand Rachel, to go on a boat ride with us to Jekyll Island to go to a pizza joint owned by Johnathan's uncle. We had to cross the sound between SSI and Jekyll Island, and we were not prepared for this, but we got soaked! There were some massive waves and we all were dripping wet. We made the best of it though and went and had a great time! Here are some pictures from that night:



The final event was Monday evening, May 31st, when we went to a cookout in Blackshear thrown for me and Johnathan! It was thrown by the Roberts side of the family, and was so nice! The evening was low key, we had barbeque, spent time with his family, and opened some gifts!  Here are some pictures from the event:

 My parents drove all the way down for the Party! (Mom is taking the picture)


Johnathan's nephew and cousins helped us open presents!

 The location of the party - beautiful sunflowers!

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  1. Dear Meredith,
    What a wonderful surprise this is! I Googled "Ashlea Hilliard and John Carson Wedding", looking for an online link to their wedding announcement in the Savannah Morning News and I found your blog. Thanks for sharing.
    Congratulations and all good wishes to you and Johnathan,
    David Carson


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