Monday, February 14, 2011

{Guest Bedroom} - Updated

A few weekends ago I decided it was time to update our downstairs guest bedroom! 

To be honest, when Johnathan and I first got married and I was updating the house, this was on the top of my to-do list. I really hated the wallpaper border in the room (it reminded me of a doctor's office for some reason!), and there were huge holes in the walls where shelves used to be (see pictures below!)

Wallpaper border = not cool
Ginormous holes in the wall = really not cool

Removing the border was a tedious task and it took at least half of a day to do, but thankfully I had this great stuff called "Chomp!" that helps remove wallpaper. 

I think I had about 10 piles of paper just like this one!
Midway through painting - showing the difference in paint colors, and the holes on the wall are filled. 
After pictures! 
The colors in these pictures were my inspiration for the room. She may not remember this, but when I lived with Lauren and Renee in the apartment, Mrs. Muller gave me these prints (they are actually wrapping paper!) and I loved them so much I decided to frame them!
The room still needs a few more updates - curtains and accent pillows. Here is a glimpse of some fabric ideas I have in mind. 

Hopefully I will have more updates soon!

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  1. It looks great Meredith! And how special that you saved the wrapping paper Mrs Muller gave you and now have it hanging on your wall in your home. Loves it ;-)


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