Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wall Decor

Now that Johnathan and I have a fresh coat of paint throughout most of the house, it is time to get some pictures up on the walls! Over the past couple of weeks I have been searching for frames and deciding on what pictures to hang. I still have a lot to do, but this definitely adds a personal touch to the house!

First - here is our hallway leading to the two bedrooms downstairs. I took inspiration from Maggie's post on photo gallery hallways. I think this is a good start, but I may want to add more! 
Finally, some wedding pictures!

 This is a wedding picture collage that Johnathan gave me for Christmas - he did such a good job!

 This is the other collage that Johnathan gave me for Christmas of our Honeymoon pictures

  New prints in the guest bedroom (more on this room update tomorrow!)

 Prints in our bedroom are from TJ Maxx - the colors coordinate perfectly and I love how they give height to our room!


  1. these all look great meredith! the ones in your bedroom match perfectly. i am working on the same thing for our stairway. it will be a slow process

  2. Bethany Cassell VannFebruary 10, 2011 at 12:40 PM

    LOVE the "rice paddy" bedroom!! :) xoxox B


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